Bulk SMSAvailable facts and data in recent years have shown that approximately 60million of the estimated 140million Nigerian population own mobile phones and all of them are equipped with SMS features. That means about 50% of the nation can be reached by bulk SMS instantly! This reinforces the persuasion that communicating to millions through SMS is definitely one of the most effective ways of disseminating crucial information to anybody regardless of  where they  are.

Our Web-based Customized Bulk SMS Gateway used and trusted by hundreds of Nigerians allows you to send bulk and customized messages at once to thousands of mobile numbers with an express rate of delivery.
With coverage of all GSM and CDMA networks in Nigeria and over 3,000 networks in over 200 countries and a user friendly interface accessible from anywhere in the world. You can reach any target audience on any mobile phone, anywhere.

As a Proudly Nigerian SMS Marketing company we have access to millions of active Nigerians GSM numbers in our database, categorized by States, cities, etc..  This makes us well able to promote your product and services.
Send your bulk SMS from our Web-based Customized Bulk SMS Gateway at the most competitive rates or let us send bulk SMS on your behalf.

1.    Text messages have a 97% open rate so you can be rest assured your target audience will get your message
2.    It is significantly cheaper than other media of advertisement; you can pay millions to national and cable TVs but only 9% of Nigerians watch TV daily, whereas about 50% of Nigerians use GSM daily.
3.    Research reveals that those who receive the message often tell others about it and by that, the message about your campaign spreads.
4.    Anywhere, anytime, any moment and any hour, the message gets to the mobile phone of the target people instantly.
5.    The SMS can be sent to any network in Nigeria and abroad, no network restrictions.
6.    SMS can be schedule to deliver at a specified date and time.